Metal Finishing for Medical Devices

Since 1948 - Metal Finishing That Stands The Test Of Time

The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio offers the highest quality metal finishing for the medical device, aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, nuclear and commercial industries. We are medical coating specialists, with revolutionary proprietary products like MEDCOAT 2000™ for medical instruments and medical devices.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Our services include advanced processes for:


The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio is One
of the Top 50 Finishing Shops!

The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio has been named one of the best metal finishing shops in the U.S., according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine. The magazine conducted an extensive benchmarking survey that analyzed a company in several different areas, including Current Finishing Technology, Finishing Practices and Performances, Business Strategies and Performances, and Training and Human Resources. Only the top 50 shops were given the honor of being a Products Finishing magazine ‘Top Shop’ based on a scoring matrix of those four criteria.


Nuclear, Medical and Aerospace Coatings

Proprietary and Custom Processes

The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio continues to develop metal finishing processes that meet the needs of new emerging product requirements. Our proprietary processes represent significant improvements in metal finishing technology. Extensively tested and approved, these innovative processes add value to your product with improved performance, appearance and service life. In addition, specialized plating procedures can be designed specifically for your project.


NAMSA tested MEDCOAT 2000™ is a USP Class VI approved and ISO Tripartite Tested biomedical coating. It makes surgical instruments and other medical devices virtually indestructible.

Thorough Process Testing and Quality Assurance

The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio is registered to ISO 9001:2008, and our processes conform to stringent military and other quality standards. We maintain rigorous process control on all jobs to ensure bath quality, finish consistency, and dimensions.

The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio holds a Type 7 Federal Firearms License (FFL). We are Federally approved to process production firearm parts.

We are International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered, code M27193. Our ITAR Certification implies that we have met requirements pertaining to documentation, training, and procedures.

Exceptional Expertise

Our chemical and metallurgical engineers and technicians are the most professional and experienced in the industry. They continue to develop new processes and improve conventional ones. For the most knowledgeable assistance with your next project, look to The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio. To help get your project completed on time, please reference our "How to do Business with The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio" guide.


ECO one of top 50 Finishing Shops
Registered to ISO 9001:2008 - Click here for more information

ITAR Registered

RoHS Compliant

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