Electrolizing - Increases wear resistance

Electrolizing™ Coating
Increases Wear Resistance

Electrolizing™ is a precisely controlled, thin dense chromium coating. This chromium coating is extremely hard (68-72 Rc), non-magnetic, and it has a very low coefficient of friction. The coating is uniformly deposited on metals using a proprietary process developed by The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio. The coating increases wear resistance, reduces friction, prevents galling and seizing and minimizes corrosion.

Unless otherwise specified, Electrolizing™ is applied directly to the base metal without an inter-mediate coating. It is applied following completion of all basis metal processing, including machining, brazing, welding, heat treating and stress relieving.

Application of Electrolizing™ results in a smooth, fine-grained deposit that is uniform in thickness and appearance. The surface is free of blisters, pits nodules and porosity. There is minimal edge buildup.

Electrolizing™ can be applied with great precision and consistency. Each part drawing should specify the coating thickness dimension and tolerance. Consult one of our Application Engineers to establish the proper coating thickness and tolerance. The practical coating range for Electrolizing™ is: 0.00005” to 0.0006” (1.28µ to +15.38µ). Depending upon the thickness specified, and the part’s geometry, the following thickness tolerance can be maintained: ± 0.0001”. Coating thickness is measured, and can be certified, using state-of-the-art fluorescence X-Ray technology. For thicker applications and special conditions, please consult one of our Application Engineers.

Electrolizing thickness recommendations

Devices can be repeatedly bent and twisted without Electrolizing™ chipping, flaking or otherwise separating from the stainless steel surface.

Electrolizing™ significantly increases the surface layer hardness of uncoated steel. Hardness of the coating, as applied to laboratory samples, is Rc72.

Electrolizing Comparitive Hardness Chart


Critical surfaces to be covered with the Electrolizing™ coating, and areas that are not to be covered, should be clearly indicated on the part drawing. To allow most economical processing, optional areas of the part should also be indicated. The Roughness Average (Ra) of Electrolizing™, when measured in accordance with ASME B 46.1-1995, will not significantly vary from the Ra of the part prior to coating. Internal and external surfaces of virtually all shapes and configurations can be uniformly coated. Review specific requirements with one of our application engineers.

During cleaning and coating, the temperature of parts does not exceed 212° F (100° C). 

Tests of tensile and fatigue properties are conducted monthly. Reports are kept on file. 

Electrolized specimens are tested in accordance with FED-STD-141, Method 6192. Using the Taber Abrasion Tester with CS-10 wheels, each specimen is subjected to a 1,000-gram load. After 5,000 cycles, the wear index will be less than 1.2 over an average of three tests. The wear index is based on the Weight-Loss Method.

Electrolizing™ can be applied to all grades of stainless steel. It can also be applied to most ferrous metals, and some nonferrous metals, such as copper and brass, but please call our application engineers to discuss its potential use on aluminum. 

When submitting parts for processing, clearly specify the basis metal designation, required Electrolizing™ thickness and tolerance, and an accompanying part print that delineates coverage: critical surfaces to be covered by Electrolizing™, areas not to be covered, and optional areas. To achieve optimum performance and cost-effectiveness, all coating requirements should be reviewed with The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio prior to processing. Submit a quote for Electrolizing™.

For maximum protection against damage and corrosion prior to and after processing, all parts must be properly wrapped, preserved and shipped in suitable containers. Parts need to be free of scale, rust and corrosion prior to coating. We can provide custom packaging to customer specifications, so that the product is shipped ready for use.

Certification of compliance to specifications is available upon request.

Electrolizing™ is a proprietary coating and process that is only available from The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio.

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