Type II Titanium Anodizing

Ti-Med 2 – VALIDATED Type II Titanium Anodizing to SAE AMS 2488

Type II Titanium Anodizing
The Electrolizing Corporation of Ohio introduces Ti-Med 2 titanium type II anodizing in accordance with the SAE AMS 2488 Standard.  Although originally developed in the aerospace industry, Ti-Med 2 also has many benefits for the medical industry for both devices and implants.  The advantages of the Ti-Med 2 anodic treatment in comparison to the conventional finish include increased lubricity, fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance and it is an excellent anti-galling coating.  These characteristics lead to significant improvement in implant performance and durability.  Titanium Type 2 Anodizing penetrates the titanium rather than building up at the surface, resulting in very little to no dimensional changes after processing.  Type II titanium anodizing is distinctive in color, which makes it easily distinguishable from stainless steel.

Titanium Anodizing Color Standards.

  Benefits of Type II Titanium Anodizing
ISO 10993 Testing
Our Ti-Med 2, Titanium Type 2 Anodizing, process has been tested by our customers on implant devices they manufacture that must met ISO 10993 standards. Since we do not manufacture devices, it is up to each individual customer to independently test their device/coating option to comply with ISO 10993.

Type II Titanium Anodizing Applications

  • Orthopedic Implants
  • Dental Implants
  • Surgical Instrumentation
  • Aerospace Components
  • Nuclear Components
  • Spinal Implants
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Type 2 Titanium Anodizing Process Validation